African Scientist in the Diaspora

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Alin

Dr.Mohamed Hassan Alin,was born in Somaliland and did his medical degree at the Faculty of  Medicine Natio nal University, Mogadish, Somalia. He then moved to Sweden and did his PhD in Clinical  Phar macology in a jo int project on Artemisinin metabolism and pharmacokinetics involving the Dept of Ph armacokinetics and Pha rmacotheraperutics,Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden and Dept  of Infec tious Diseases, Huddinge Univer sity Hospital, Karolinksa Institute, Stovckholm, Sweden.

Dr. Alin spent over 10 years as a researcher in Uppsala University / Karolinska Institute in clinical pharmaco logy with clinical field work (efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of antimalrials and speci ally artemisinin c ompounds) in collaboration with Dar Es Salaam University Hospital ,Tanzania. He the refore has solid experie nce of field work on clinical trials in the Tropics.

He has published over 25 papers in peer reviewed journals and has made many presentations at internation al conferences. He is also a member of the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

In 1997 he joined AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company in Sweden as a Scientific Adviser in  clinical pharma cokinetic/pharmacodynamics and drug metabolism in the Department of Clinical  Pharma col ogy.He is curre ntly a Senior Scientific Adviser in the same department.

With over 8 year of clinical pharmacology experience from AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, Dr. Alin h as developed a broad scope of expertise in the following areas:

(a) the preclinical and clinical drug development process

(b) design and execution of clinical trials

(c) pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic modeling and

(d) interaction with drug regulatory authorities and ethics committees towards the approval of new drug ap plications (NDA).

Besides his proven leadership skills, Dr. Alin has a great ability to interact and collaborate with people of dif ferent scientific backgrounds and cultural diversity.

As testimony of his international citizenship, he speaks five  languages !!

- English

- Swedish

- Italian

- Arabic

- Somali 



Dr. Mohamed Hassan Alin
| MD |DTMH |PhD|
Senior Clinical Pharmacology Scientist
Section of Clinical Pharmacology,
Department of Medical science
AstraZeneca Clinical Research &
Development, Mölndal
S- 431 83 Mölndal, Sweden





Source: AIBST