Dr Osman Sheekh Ahmed


Dr. Osman Sh. Ahmed
PhD , Economics


Dr. Osman S. Ahmed is currently Lead Country Officer for Middle East Department of the W orld Bank focusing on country development strategy formulation, coordinating implement ation of Bank  assistance strategy, and a focal for relations with a group of four countries in the Middle East.

Dr. Ahmed joined the World Bank Group in 1985 and has worked in various capacities, incl uding th e  Bank’s first Resident Representative in Yemen, Division Manager of Corporate Planning at the  Interna tional Finance Corporation (the private sector arm of the World B ank), Principal Policy An alyst on  private sector development strategies, and senior econo mist in the Bank.

Prior to joining the Bank, Dr. Ahmed worked in the private and public sectors, including a f our-ye ar  stint as Economic Advisor to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance, and has tau ght economics at  several universities in the State of North Carolina (University of UNC at Chapel Hill, Elon Unive rsity, and NC Central University).

Dr. Ahmed has written widely on various development issues both during his World Bank c areer a nd prior to it, including on economic growth and income distribution, and private s ector developm ent.

Mr.Ahmed holds a doctorate in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has done graduate work in economics at Duke University,and is a graduate of Harv ard University  Executi ve Development Program.


Areas of Interest

* Global Poverty & Peace
* World Bank
* Poverty
* Economics


Source: International Peace & Conflict Resolutions , American University