Africa is not short of dictators (both present and past). When we talk of dictatorship in Afric a there are certain names that must be mentioned and there is justification to this. Imagine of a situation where an individual rules a country for decades where multiparty democracy is not allowed, elections are rigged whenever they are held, the civilian population ae subjected to continuous suffering and what is more only few sacred cows have exclusive rights to the use of state resources while majority of the ordinary people are living a miserable life. That is exactly what has happened and still happening in the continent of Africa.

We have seen oppressive and brutal rule of the like of Robert Mugabe ( Zimbabwe), Daniel A rap Moi ( kenya), Yoweri Museveni ( Uganda ) and many more but now this article is about wh o lived lavishly during their time in office but died miserably when they were forcefully ouste d. I am basically talking of those who ruled on the sword but died by the sword. Unluckily for them when the time of reckoning and payback comes, they flee their home Country and die like a poor dog in another country where they are no longer treated as important dignitaries.



Mohamed Siad Barre, is a former dictator and ruler of Somalia who seized power through a bl oodless coup in 1969 after the death of President Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke. Dubbed the victo rious leader ( Guulwade ) in Somalia language, the dictator’s term in office was associated wi th mass human rights violation, persecution, jailing and torture of Political opponents and tho se perceived to be against his rule and ideology. His oppressive dictatorial regime was broug ht to an end in 1991 after he was ousted by rebel of SNM and USC. Siad Barre fled to Nairobi, Kenya. But his presence was protested by the country’s opposition which led to him fleeing to Nigeria where he died like a dog in January of 1995.

Mengistu Haile Mariam was a dictator and former president of Ethiopia. This is a man who was known for his brutal rule that involved the use of a military committee called the Dergue . Mengistu like any other African dictator lived a lavish during his time in office but died a poor man who is accorded no respect at all. A man whose dream was to turn Ethiopia into a sovie t-style worker’s state fled to Zimbabwe in 1991 after sensing danger because of being trailed by Eritrean and Tigrayan forces.

Charles Ghankay Taylor is also another African strongman and dictator who lived lavishly but is not having the best of times now. He is a former Liberia president who comes to power foll owing a brutal and deadly armed conflict between two competing warlords

Muammar Gaddafi was a Libyan Dictator who seized power in 1969 through military coup. He ruled Libya for more than four decades before he was overthrown and subsequently killed by Nato and NTC forces in 2012. The general and African strongman was always on the receiving end of criticism from the western world and he too hated them to the later. His regime has co ntinuously been accused of mass human right violation in addition to the nepotism, intimidatio n and terror subjected to the civilian population of Libya. The Libyan Leader was also accused of supporting terrorism activities by the Western Countries. The Lockerbie bombing of 1988 is a good example here. Gadafi was hated and loved in equal measures. While African leaders pr aised and worshiped him like God those of the west hated him like Satan. The African strong man may no longer be with us but he will forever be remembered for his preference of female bodyguards, his mode of dressing and regarding himself as the king of Africa.

Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada is a former dictator and president of Uganda. He came to power in 1971 after ousting his predecessor, Milton Abote In a bloody military coup. Idi Amin ruled Uga nda with an iron hand his regime was characterized by ethnic prosecution, mass human rights abuse, extrajudicial killings, corruption, nepotism among many other inhumane crimes against the civilian population and his political opponents. During his reign hundreds of thousands of people were killed for no reason. In 1972 he declared an economic targeted mostly at Asians ( Indians ). He ordered for the expulsion of over 60,000 Asians. He only spared professionals like doctors, lawyers and teachers. Businesses owned by the Asians were expropriated and redistributed to the supporters of Idi Amin. He died 2003 while in exile in Saudi Arabia.

Zein Ben Ali is the former president and longtime ruler of Tunisia. He was the first casualty of the Arab Uprising that effectively brought to an end the leadership of long serving dictators. He has been in the helm of power for over two decade of human rights violation, extrajudicial killings, unemployment, nepotism, corruption and interference of press freedom. His dictatorial rule was cut short on January 14, 2012 following protests Against his administration. Zein Ben Ali together with his wife and children fled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to seek refuge.