To whom the government belongs


Somaliland Watch Group
C/o Ibrahim Mead
Political analyst
Ottawa, Canada

According to what we claim, Somaliland is a democratic state. We brag that Somaliland is a glorifying example in the whole region, supposed to be so; however we do not adhere to that claim! We don’t adhere to what a real democratic government for the people is, both in behavior, conduct and practicality!

Siilanyo’s government is run like a Monarchy form of government where the Monarch can give out Mountains to whom he wants and as he wishes with out considering the environment, the health of the people and the peoples’ demands, because in that form of government the Monarch owns the national resources! (This must never happen here in Somaliland in our watch)

Siilanyo accumulated power in to his hand and in to his selected small group, After Siilanyo’s group bribed out the parliamentarians in to shamelessness, the integrity of the parliament is tarnished, and then they accumulated power in to the executive branch! There is no check and balance here! This is worrisome indeed! (“A monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in a single individual i.e. the Monarch)

Governance is defined here as “the conscience management of regime structures, with a view to enhancing the public realm” (Ref: John Healy and Mark Robinson)
Government is to be for the interest of the governed and not for the interest of the governors. The dictators or semi-dictators, automatically take the government as their own cash cow and their won property. In our Somaliland which is not a (at least by constitution) dictatorship, falls in to that categories of ‘governors own the government it self as well as all the proceeds! Governed is treated as subjects!

“In democratic, legitimate governments the head of states are the servants and the people are the owners of the government which the government manages on their behalves and supposedly do so in the right way.
People are in charge and governors are the servants of the people. They are also on contract. When their performance is unsatisfactorily shocking they ought to go and elected others ought to replace them. That is what we expect from a free and a democratic government, we claim we are, but we are not, however we can be there! It is up to us.

Siilanyo’s government is on the other side of this virtue! They act and conduct business as though the government is their own store and the people do not own the government and the people has nothing to do with what the government does! The fact is that the people are the only legitimate owners of the government, but that legitimacy is not there in Siilanyo’s administration! By name we are democratic; in real live we are not, especially when it comes to monetary interest and justice, but we can be there! It is up to us.

Good government tends to be a prerequisite for political legitimacy. When the government is corrupt, and arrogant then that government loses legitimacy. When that happens then it loses the moral authority to govern. It got to change it self or be changed to gain legitimacy.

When the government lacks the fundamental requirements of acceptable level of good governance, when it lacks the political renewal by her own actions or inactions or reactions that government is Mr. Siilanyo’s government! That government lost the moral authority to govern! There is no legitimacy for a rotten government. They got to change themselves or be changed!

Good governance is characterized by open and progressive policy making. People filled with professional culture acting in promoting and advance the public good, the rule of law, transparency, and civil society participating in public affairs. Better governance needs political renewal. This means an honest attack on corruption from the highest to the lowest levels. This can be done by strengthening accountability, by encouraging public debate and by respecting and nurturing a free press and a loyal opposition

Poor governance on the other hand is distinguish by whimsical policy making, unaccountability, unenforced or unjust legal system, the abuse of the executive power, a civil society unengaged in public life and wide spread corruption! And worst still a government instead of correcting to the best of her ability denies that truth and even insist doing it as a way of life!

Efforts to create a right environment and to build capacities are a waste when the political context is not there.” In Siilanyo’s government there is no political context, nothing is there!
(cited: John Healy and Mark Robinson)

A lot of things are acceptable unless we say it is unacceptable. Unless we stop much of what is happening in Siilanyo’s administration on its track the demise of Somaliland could come earlier than anticipated! Unless we claim what is ours, (and not for a group like Siilanyo’a pack) we will end up neighboring idiots in a desert with no water in sight!
However peace and prayers

Somaliland Watch Group