Born in Odweine, to Haji Ibrahim Egal and Khadija Mohamed Osman. He completed his pri mary, intermediate, and secondary education in former British Somaliland and then went to Britain for further studies where he stayed from 1950-54. Egal married Asha Saeed Abby in 1946 together they had three sons and two daughters.


Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal became the Berbera branch Secretary of Somali National League Party (SNL). Later in 1958 he became the Secretary General of the Party.

June 26 1960

When Somaliland gained independence, Egal became the first Prime Minister of Somaliland. Italian Somali territory became independent four days later on July 1, and the two countries united to form the Somali Republic.

1960 - 1962

Egal became Minister of Defense of the former Somali Republic.

1962 - 1963

Egal was appointed the Minister of Education

October 1962

Egal led a delegation to London to negotiate the NFD problem with British leaders. His delegation persuaded and obtained from the British Government a referendum in the Northern Frontier District (NFD). In the same period, he led another delegation to Kenya to organize the referendum which found 83% in favour of joining with the Somali Republic.


Egal resigned from the cabinet and formed an opposition party. He was against the severing of diplomatic ties with the UK on the question of NFD. He formed Somali National Congress (SNC) Party and remained the leader of the Parliament Opposition 1965.

October 1966

Egal joined the Somali Youth League (SYL) Party.


Egal was appointed the third Prime Minister of the Somali Republic.

October  21 1969

Mohamed Siad Barre deposed the civilian government in a coup. Egal was jailed soon afterwards by the coup leader's military government. Egal was kept in jail for the next 6 years.

October 1975

Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal was released from jail.

July 1976

Egal was appointed Ambassador to India.


Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal was re-arrested.

 February 1982

Egal was released 6 years after his re-arrest. Soon after his release Egal was appointed chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.


Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal was elected President of Somaliland in a national conference held in Borama.

May 1995

President Egal's mandate was extended for 18 months.


President Egal was reelected for five more years. President Egal was now married to Kaltun Haji Deria.

December 2001

The House of elders extended President Egal's term for one more year.

April 24 2002

President Egal was taken to South Africa for medical treatment, where few days later he underwent medical tests.

May 3  2002

President Egal died in a Military Hospital in South Africa, after undergoing a surgery.


May 6 2002

The body of the President was flown home, arriving at Berbera at 7:15AM. The president was buried, according to his wishes, next to the grave of his father, H. Ibrahim Egal.