Somaliland: KULMIYE Statement on the Horn of Africa


Drawing on a reputation for neutrality and commitment to peace, Somalilandīs KULMIYE PARTY is in favour of a peaceful means for resolving all the disputes in the Horn of Africa. Our vision for the regionīs stabilisation reflects on this principle and is anchored around the following five key priorities.

First, we support an inclusive political dialogue and integrated peace approach aiming to achieve a broader consensus among the parties in conflict in bringing an end to the prolonged regional confrontations.

Second, we call on the international community to provide effective development and humanitarian assistance to the civilian population that are caught up in these conflicts.

Third, we encourage efforts aimed at creating conditions that are conducive for building democratically representative institutions that would facilitate greater participation in the decision-making process.

Fourth, we advocate for a regional economic integration and freedom of trade.

Fifth, we deny extremist groups the opportunity to find a safe haven in the region.

In achieving the above policy priorities, we believe that an internationally- supported and regionally- coordinated diplomatic strategy is the best way forward, with an integrated peace building and post-conflict planning.

We strongly believe that promoting democracy and freedom is essential for the broader regional peace programme, including supporting peaceful and effective administrations in the region, acknowledging democratic initiatives and defending free media. We recognize these are the only ideas that can lead to a lasting stability in the region.

We are also of the opinion that a free trade and market economy with investment opportunities will facilitate a peaceful co-existence and a desire for cooperation among the people in the Horn. Therefore, we call for a regional economic policy reform that could create incentives for peace and tolerance.

We believe these are important steps towards the goal of a peaceful, comprehensive and sustainable solution to the conflicts in the Horn, as well as rebuilding the communities devastated by these conflicts. For this purpose, we work with our partners in the region with whom we share these values and, together, we work on achieving well-governed, law-abiding democratic states.

Contrary to fabricated reports by Somaliland government officials, KULMIYE supports neither Eritrea nor any other groups that are engaged in the regional disputes. Instead, we call on all the parties involved to choose for a peaceful and democratic path to advance their interests and to redress injustices.

Promoting democratic development and fighting against extremism have made Somaliland peaceful and stable. KULMIYE is determined to promote this process. We respect civil rights, freedom of expression and individual freedom. We believe that applying these values and focussing on the above policy priorities will give Somaliland an opportunity to build a better relationship with the region and to enhance its national security.


Dr. Mohamed A. Omar