IGAD Invites Somaliland for Southern Sudan’s Referendum

Hargeisa (TNN)-IGAD has invited to Somaliland as a member of International observers for the Referendum of Southern Sudan which probably will occur on 9 January 2011.

The team from Somaliland that will observe how the Referendum will take place are the  Se ven Members of Somaliland National Electoral commission, their legal consultant and three other Somaliland journalists.

IGAD will mainly facilitate and Support the possibility of how these Somaliland team  observe rs will reach to southern Sudan.

The objective Mission of these team observers are how they benefit and gain experience  w hile holding such a referendum like the one which will happen in Southern sudden next January.

IGAD will monitor the entire situation of that Referendum which seems to be sensitive and would be resulted more tension.

• Members of Team Observers are :

Seven members of Somaliland National Electoral Commission

1. Eisa Yusuf Mohamed (NEC Chairperson)

2. Ali-Khadar Osman Hassan ( Vice Chairperson)

3. Mohamed Hirsi Gelle. (Member)

4. Farah Abiib (Member

5. Raabi Shariif Abdi (Member)

6. A/rahmaan Mohamed Ismail (Member)

7. A/fatah Ibrahim Hassan (Member)

8. Khadra Mohamed Gulied. (Legal Consultant).

Members of Journalist.

1. Mustafa Abdi Eisa (President of Somaliland Journalist Association)

2. Mohamed Abdi Sheekh ( Director Horn Cable TV)

3. Abdullahi Dahir Cukuse ( Somaliland Presidential spokesperson)

Source: Somalilandpress