January 26, 2015


Dear President Barack Obama

Thank you for your replay on January 23, 2015. Your continual support in Africa is gr eatly Appreciated
The humanitarian involvement in Somalia, the advancement of democracy in Souther n Africa, these Courageous chapters of United States correcting wrongs are now pa rt of our African history.

Our situation could present a successful model for you. With a particular eye on the current U.S. political and mood of its citizens. Please consider Somaliland’s present c onditions with possible solutions via passive but secondary involvement by your adm inistration.

The Somaliland Advocacy Group represents the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland. The problems of our country, are the same major problems you are correcting for th e United States. Education, Healthcare and the economy. Our infrastructure was co mpletely destroyed by the war against Dictator President of Somalia…( Siad Barre ). Slowly, we are rebuilding, and we have created a working democracy.

This reconstruction needs outside capital. We do not want U.S. Aid Loans or project s-nor are they palatable at international lending institutions to recognize it as a leg al guaranteed financing. This should not be construed as diplomatic recognition requ est. For restoration of lives, we proposes please as the bankers to allow Somaliland to present loan applications.

A healthy Somaliland livestock industry can help Feed Africa and the Middle East. If our enormous petroleum potential proves real, our crude oil can be shipped to the United States without going through the strait of Hormuz. We stand to resolve our rebuilding problems with self-help programs and outside capital loans.

We Somalilanders defined our national borders in 1960, reflecting hundreds of years of internal identity.By asking world bank, to invest etc. To talk to us may lead to our success. Currently, Somaliland is in a defacto investment capital blockade.


Aniis A. Essa…Head
Somaliland Advocacy Group
Washington dc..usa