Birgitta Ohlasson: Somaliland is The light at Dark tunnel of the Horn of Africa


The Speaker of Somaliland House of Representatives Hon. Abdirahman M Abdillahi met 17 september at the House of Swedish Parliament with Mrs Birgitta Ohlsson, member of the Swedish parliament, member committee on Foreign Affairs, Spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal party and President Liberal Women of Sweden, Gunilla Davidsson, General secretary, Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC, Jenny Sonesson General Secretary Liberal and others at the Swedish parliament.

The Speaker was accompanied at the meeting by Eidarus Sh Adan, Somaliland ambassador to Sweden and Dr Zeinab M Muse, a Somaliland Patriot from Germany.

The speaker briefed Birgitta Ohlsson and the other about the current situation of Somaliland and the forthcoming elections in march 2009 and the on-going preparations.

Birgitta Ohlsson informed the Speaker about Swedish position of Somaliland and she welcomes that the date for the coming presidential election have been set and look forward to be in Hargeisa during the election. Mrs Birgitta Ohlsson told the Speaker that there will be observers from the Swedish parliament during the coming election . Birgitta Ohlsson see Somaliland as light at the dark tunnel in the horn of Africa, an area of conflict and lack of democracy.

Mrs Gunilla Davidsson, SILC, informed the Speaker about the work they are doing in Somaliland. The Swedish International Liberal Centre is working with Nagaad (umbrella organisation for Somaliland women organisations).

The target of the co.-operation is to empower Somaliland women when it comes womens participation in politics. A Swedish delegation from SILC will come to Somaliland end of 2008 or beginning of 2009.

Eidarus Sh Adan, the Somaliland ambassador to Sweden expressed his appreciation the work Birgitta Ohlsson is doing for Somaliland recognition and the support for democracy. There have been 2 parliamentary bills presented by Birgitta Ohlsson at the Swedish Parliament.

for the last 2 years.

Immediately after the talks a seminar about Somaliland Womens participation in politics began at the House of Parliament in Stockholm.

The seminar gathered officials from the Swedish government, Agencies, organisations, business community and others who are interested to hear about the positive developments that are taking place in Somaliland.

One of the presentations of the seminar was made by Dr Zeinab M Muse from Heidelberg, Germany.

She talked about the role of the Somaliland women in Europe and in Somaliland and what is needed to be done so that the women can participate the Somaliland society fully.

Dr Zeibnab M Muse is involved in a project helping Somaliand in the heathcare and she committed to make a difference so women can get access to healthcare and education.

The Speaker of the Somaliland house of representatives told the audience that the Somaliland constitution gives equal rights to men and women but it is obvious that womens are underrespresented in society.

The Somaliland parliament is considering one way to increase the numbers of elected womens and that is to give quota to womens like for example 10% of the seat will be given to womens,