A small country with many enemies but has 9 lives!


Ibrahim Mead Political analyst
Ottawa, Canada

Somaliland is a small country with many enemies, and suffered many self-inflicted, destructive missteps. Ironically her enemies within are more than the enemies without, but the Mother has 9 lives!

Somaliland never had the luck to have a real leader or leaders in her political live!

Let alone a real leader, Somaliland never had an honest, God fearing leader in her existence as far as her political life is concerned, however some were/ are worst than others!

This Para-normal entity of no conscience and no moral fabric headed by Awil and Riyaale and flock are the worst thus far!
This Awil and Riyaale enterprise killed Somaliland with intent to kill! All the others who killed or hurt or harmed Somaliland did so either by ignorance coupled with obstinacy, arrogance and at times illusionary like Ina Egale in the 60s!
Or gutlessness, backbonelessness, and lack of resilience and courage, like Silanyo and others, now!
However when killing is the issue, intent is the centre of gravity in the logic and legal world. On the other side of the coin killing is killing!

Somaliland will rise up from her death as she did before by virtue of having 9 lives. She will have the last laughter after all these deceit and deceptions! But her sons and daughters better confront the evil and the evildoers and defeat them.

Kulmiye’s trial to save Somaliland failed every time they try! Look the last so-called mediation, initiated by Riyaale! Even though they lost as usual, the over confident Riyaale rejected even when the decision was all in his favour! Because he has a different agenda! That is what the opposition cannot dare to tell the people and the world!

Who won, who lost, in the latest round of the so-called Mediation between an illegitimate president who wants to finish off Somaliland first and opposition parts, was the question every concerned person was asking lately!
The answer in a diplomatic language is: ‘ incomplete’. But in the ‘ cut-the-chase- and-say-it-like-it is language, the answer is: the guy who always wins won. The guy who always loses lost. The guy who was in the pocket side, won! The nation lost dismally, devastatingly!

She died first in 1960 for the first time when (Ina Egale) some one who confessed in his later life that he was a play boy at the time and did not had a vision how the world order works, took her to the oblivion, then jump ship and abandoned her in the wilderness, in the midst of hyenas and foxes! In the unknown South-Somalia!

Somaliland rose up from her death in 1991 when the SNM Mujahedeen found her.
They resuscitated her and revived her, but they like the guy before them abandoned her, until the remnants of Siyad Barre grabbed her in the nick, roughed her and ruined her even when they were milking her to death and living on her, for they are parasites!

Somaliland died again when the conscience of her people hit bottom! When they handed over the Mother (S/L) to an ex- NSS agent of Siyad Barre who tortured or supervised torture of the sons and daughters of Somaliland! Who never believed her even when he is milking her through out the clock shamelessly, greedily!

Somaliland got up one morning, Thursday, April-2002 when a leak from the National Elections Commission confirmed what was widely expected that Kulmiye party won. In fact Kulmiye won four Regions out of six Regions in which Hargeisa and Borao were included

But Somaliland began to feel angry and overwhelmed. Her heart stopped beating when chairman Silanyo gave away his win, the win of the people-his voters that is, to a junior ex- Nss guy with out consulting his supporters! A very strange event that boggles the mind!
Riyaale who got that present, immediately called every evildoer, every remnant any where in the world, and they responded and came in droves immediately!

Now we are yielding the seeds cowardly Kulmiye sow! And before that Ina Egale sow!
[Only an uninformed person would confuse with the 80 points, UDUB was given in mysterious ways and means while Kulmiye had a ballot box full of their votes and approved by the commission was just sitting there if we don’t bother the rest of the story!]
The author was there as an International Elections Observer. He could not make sense of what has happened in that point of time at that place!

Again Somaliland tried to revive her self when the donor countries became fed-up with Riyaale and his Guurti, and the never-ending term extensions for Riyaale!

The donor countries set out conditions and recommendations, which must be met before a dime is released for Somaliland. They were: a) Stop Guurti interference with the elections. b) Balance the un-balanced and biased elections commission c) share equally the public media out lets. d) Share public funds which only Riyaale’s party is the sole beneficiary. e) The government must not use the police to terrorize the opposition on behave of the government. Etc, etc! Just what kulmiye wanted?

Somaliland died again when Kulmiye did not stick to the script! The donor countries recommendations and conditions let alone theirs!
In a very strange twist of events Kulmiye bowed to Riyaale’s wishes and plan of deceit and deception! Kulmiye even did an extra-mile and went to Nairobi to confess the donor countries that they (the three parts) signed an agreement in which Riyaale agreed to abide the law and logic in the election effort, while they knew that Riyaale did not sign any thing! The donor countries agreed. When they came back, Riyaale, the always winner guy told them, “ thanks guys, but NO, thanks!” In other words, you get lost! Kulmiye wined and wooed as usual but that did not help

After that Somaliland did not have the will to stay alive any more! It was too much out of a place in a more moronic world, so she stayed dead and no body believed they would see her rise again!

She did rise again lately after the Borao and Hargeisa popular nationalistic meetings. After the donor countries pressured the moral less enterprise of Riyaale and Awil to do the elections. After the Somaliland Diaspora doubled their activities in the areas of awareness and education as well as funding where applicable.

But it was not long when Somaliland died again, after kulmiye signed a new lease of life for infamous Riyaale. They accepted his legitimacy as a president even when his term expired long ago! That took off the pressure of the international community. They gave him more time to buy more people! Any more extensions are equal to more destruction on Somaliland!

The question begs this: whose side is Kulmiye? Is kulmiye with them or with Somaliland? Or is Kulmiye OK? Etc, etc! The answer is this:
a)Kulmiye is not with the moral less gang of Awil and Riyaale.
b)Kulmiye is with the people.

c) But Kulmiye fumbled, dropped the ball and hopelessly J-LL-O! The K. party has no backbone at all! Kulmiye is shy to tell the truth as it is! “Allah is not shy to tell the truth”(Al aaya)

In this juncture of the history of Somaliland only a gutsy, resilient, courage and steel made man can confront the evildoers destroying Somaliland and defeat them. Not people like kulmiye which is hiding behind Faisal Ali waraabi! What would kulmiye do when mercurial Faisal turns around 180 degrees as he used to do? And this will happen sooner or later!
Sad to say, but Kulmiye leadership did not show us the “ gooder” in this difficult juncture of the history of Mother Somaliland!

Note: Author is a member of kulmiye. Was with others, the founders of kulmiye. Will remain a kulmiyite.



However peace

Ibrahim Mead