Two are better than none!


Ibrahim Mead Political analyst
Ottawa, Canada

Author’s note:

The last call for Somalia’s salvation!
Somalia is dangling on a tree for so long, and all the foreign entities and foreign hotels failed to rescue her from that situation! One may wonder if the foreign entities interest lies in  So malia’s agony! Somalia needs to come down on the ground once and for all, or if she can  no t, let her sister Somaliland help her come down to earth, to the ground, to see the reality on the ground!

The evil that possessed her could not stand in the way of good provide the good is made  av ailable. The good was not made available; thus evil was uncontested there!
Somalia’s malady and woes has a healing medicine! Somalia’s healing medicine is in  Somalila nd. Unfortunately Somalia can not seek that healing medicine unless they come down to  ear th for they are hanging on a tree now! And the only entity that could help her come down from the tree is again her sister, Somaliland! But there is a catch!
Let Somalia recall her sanity first! Unfortunately they can not under the circumstances they put them self in! Again her sister Somaliland may untangle the tangled web Somalia is in, in a way no other entity could do!

Again there is hope! Somaliland can help Somalia recall her sanity! The only condition  need ed from Somalia is that they have to ask for help from her sister-Somaliland and not the  for eigners as the case was all the time, Somalia’s solution lies in Somaliland!

The two brotherly states must break the in action, and move to the direction of honest  mo ve forward. There must be debate and decision making regarding their faith!
Absence of that will give others the chance to decide their faith for them!
If they don’t move in that direction sooner or later some one will do that job for them, and they will not like it! Before they consciously move in that honorable direction Somalia must exist as a state first and not as a name as she stands now! Somaliland is a viable  democra tic peaceful state recognition or no recognition! But there is still hope for Somalia and that hope lies in Somaliland!

When faith is lost, when honor dies Somalia drifts away and it is obvious that is the case!
“Still nursing the unconquerable hope, still clutching the inviolable shade hope must not die even when Somalia is almost dead! Hope must live and the Somalis must keep hope alive. Somalia better look her salvation up north and not neither south nor west of her borders!
Coming down to the ground will help Somalia to realize the reality on the ground. Let  Somali a come down to the ground, to the real world! Let the two Somali states help each other. It is time to summon the Somali brain and see the reality and act upon that.


This article is not “thee holiest than thou.” It is not ‘I am better than you,’ it is not I am stronger than you! It is not ‘I am fine and you are under fire!’
It is a call to all Somalis, particularly Somalia to summon back their conscience which was missing in no action for so long!

Sh. Shareef of KMG-the head of the entity that rules one or two streets in Mogahisho, and Sh, Awais who leads one of the many so called Religious Groups- “xisbul Islam” boast that they are fighting and ready to fight to the finish-to kill each other and to kill more and more of innocent poor Somali people in their areas, in the process!
Both of them wore a military fatigue, as I was writing this article. Both of them claim that they are (sheiks)-religious individuals! Sh. Shareef brought Ugandan Army who allegedly expelled from Congo after they have allegedly committed rape and Diamond stealing and robbing!

Despite those unholy wars and warriors, I am however calling the conscience of who ever have ‘one’ from Somalia including those who are conferencing in Djibouti as of this date riding the merry-go-round politics as usual, to heed my humanitarian, Somali call. I am calling Somalia to come back to sagacity and sanity and see the light of day once! “Somalia, Come back to reality on the ground. Come back to Somaliness! Come back to reason. Come back to human thinking and human sanctity!
Come back to your self and help your self! And for this see your sister-Somaliland with out prejudice! She will help you.

To equalize two un-equal entities is logically to help and advance the weaker party so that they can reach the stronger party and together become stronger each one in its own right. It is not to hurt and destroy the better and more advanced party until the two become equal in backwardness!

That was how (Somalia) the south did to the more advanced (Somaliland) North in the area of education in 1970. The author was a member of the invigilators who were entrusted for the evaluating centralized exams of the North-now Somaliland and the South- now Somalia at that time. That educational evaluation showed the North was far more advanced in pre university education then the South.

The solution (Somalia) the Southern government headed by Siyad Bare adopted at the time was to systematically destroy the more, relatively robust education in the North so that the North and the South be equal; both of them went to below average level of that of the Southern schools, and that was how they equalized the two! The end result was that both of them, the North and the South went bottom down, below the acceptable level! In that way they became equal!! Like wise it is wrong to pull down Somaliland to the Somalia level just to equalize the brothers! That stampedes the normal thinking and wisdom and rationale!

Same and unchanged mentality is still there in Somalia! They are calling to destroy the  achi evements Somaliland has reached by sabotage and by all means necessary to satisfy their crazy idea, so that Somaliland becomes equal to Somalia (in nothingness) which unfortunately exists only by name, let alone any development of any kind!!
That is not a mindful sane solution. It is wrong as the above solution was in it’s time and in all time!

The author is calling Somalia to change that thinking and become more rational and  pragma tic in facing problems of this dimension and particularly to her prevailing urgent and must-be-addressed problems. She must address her problems pragmatically and wisely!!
They must come to terms the fact that Somaliland was a separate country before the 1960 ill-fated union and they are a separate country now after the people there decided that in their May,2001 Referendum.

The pragmatic solution for both of them is to recognize each other and help each other, inst ead of looking for others to do that for them! Somaliland must help Somalia should Somalia request that. I believe the solution of the entangled problem of Somalia lies in Somaliland. Somalia must not be shy of that for they are not shy for foreigners to solve their problems for them which they never did! Somalia declined to help her self thus far!!

‘He who will not reason is a dummy!’ ‘He, who can not reason, is a fool! And he who defies reason is a nut-job!’ Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, that Somalis of Somalia put them selves in that column with out knowing that they did just that, and with out even meant that they did it!
The author is wondering, why don’t the Somalis in Somalia call upon their sense and  sensibil ities even once? They became the laughing-stock of the world, and by extension every  Som ali in the peninsula and out side the peninsula got a share of that shame!
Pragmatism and reality on the ground must in the end prevail, provided Somalia is not in dementia!

“O ye, who may lead take head! Blindness we may forgive, but baseness we will smite!” [In time of hesitation-by W.V Moody] Somalia elite politicians, warlords, and Religious fanatics, one after the other have sown the wind and they reaped the whirlwind!

Somalia bombed Somaliland (known as Northern Somalia when union was still loosely existed) to rubble, but later what they have done to their people were even worse because the death and the destruction is still going on!

Somaliland has recovered from that destruction inflicted on her by (her sister) Somalia but what Somalia is doing to their people, is an on going evilly!
Somaliland says, “Please stop this madness!” could Somalia political elites come to their  sen se and seek help, for they are very sick and the heeling medicine is there in Somaliland?
Let Somalia come down from the ‘Merry-go-round’ politics based on ignorance coupled with arrogance and even hatred which doesn’t know shame and does not have any bounders!
Let Somalia realize the reality on the ground! Let the two sisters, Somalia and Somaliland, forget and forgive. Let them recognize each other and Somaliland must help her sister Somalia. They (Somalia) better sit down and resolve their differences under the Somali tree in the ‘Somaliland way’, not in foreign hotels over seas which failed Somalia repeatedly over and over again!

The author is not saying Somaliland has saints who run their affairs right all the time.
We have crooks but they are not criminal syndicates like Somalia had and still have! They are elected representatives accountable to their electorate! When their term ends they can be changed and others elected in their place! The point is let the two sisters come together and sit down and chat wisely! Let them do the job. And remember,’ no body owns- no body, but every body is the brother or sister of the other’. On that bases let them do the job like humans do!

We all know Somaliland came to the union with Somalia in 1960 voluntarily. Even though Somalilanders voted NO (76%) with the Somalia union in 1961 Referendum, she was in an ill fated unwelcome and ill considered union with Somalia ever sense! Somalilanders recalled their country back and declared their independence in 1991 followed by the 2001 referendum. 97%,voted for that after they survived the ethnic cleansing scheme executed by Somalia’s late dictator Mr. Siyad Barre. Denying that reality is rubbing salt on a wound Somaliland wanted to forgive and move a head! Somalia must understand that the two Somali states either could ‘Stay together in brotherhood or depart each other while still are brothers and sisters’. That is the covenant of mutual concurrence or marriage as Allah said in the Quran and the international law stipulates the same as well. The Quran says: “Either stay together on consensual equitable terms or Separate each other on equitable consensual terms”. Again, no one owns the other, but the two states are brothers and sisters!’ on that premises let the two Somali states recognize the reality on the ground and move on and do the job.

Why doesn’t Somalia understand the tenable rights of one partner should that partner decides to divorce from unsustainable partnership with the other?
Why don’t they respect the fundamental rights of self determination and the rest of it? Why don’t they come to terms with the reality on the ground regarding the Somaliland departure from the ill-fated union with sister Somalia with reasons they know very well?
Don’t they know that ‘No Body owns No Body, while every body is the brother or sister of the other?’ please Somalia “do different sleeps!” as a saying goes: A snoring man was told “to do a different sleep” after he woke up his friend frequently for his friend could not sleep while the man was snoring none stop!

Reward and punishment: what ever good one does to self and to others he or she be rewarded. And the reward of Allah is the greatest and the best. Likewise, what ever evil one does to self and to others he or she be punished and the punishment of Allah is the severest. “What so ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”

“To those who do right earn a Godly reward-yea, more than in measure. They will have the supreme bliss of being near to Allah, and seeing His face. It will be illuminated with Allah’s light. All its old shortcomings will be blotted out for they will be perfection, as in Allah’s sight. Neither darkness nor abasement shall cover their faces! They are companions of the garden; they will abide therein”
“But those who have earned evil will have a reward of like evil [note that the evil reward is for those who have earned it] shame will cover their faces: No defender will they have from the wrath of Allah. Their faces will be covered, as it were with pieces from the depth of the darkness of night: they are inhabitants of the fire: they will abide there in (for aye)!” (Yunis, ch11, v.26, 27)
It seems none of the ‘waakoos’ who ran / run Somalia to ruble did / do care what Allah said in his Quran in yunis. Nor do they heed what humanity dictated, even thought some claim they were/are religious (Sheiks) people!

Calling the Somalia conscience

Who is swimming naked when tides retreat and goes away; with out knowing they are nake d and with out knowing the tides have retreated?
The people in dementia, or the leaders of Somalia, Mr. Shareef, those preceded him and those who turned to Mercenaries for help at this point of time, at this time and age? Since when, Mercenaries helped needy communities, in any where in the world!?
They are hired to kill! Lately, Puntland of Somalia crooked to that evil option. The guy under the protection of the African solders in Mogadisho Mr. Shareef confessed that he himself went into negotiations with the Mercenary enterprise but failed to agree the (money) the terms!

The people ruled by those with “Afwainian mindset”, the good advice to them might be: Keep your clothes near by! Meaning, activate your faculties of conscience, and better still change the idiots ruling them wrong, and ruining them to rubble, more so in sister Somalia than in any other place in the Somali peninsula! May I call Somalia to move from the shallow reservoir of thoughtlessness to a reservoir of reason and rationale?

The two sisterly countries- Somaliland and Somalia were in circle for a long time served for other countries, which only care their own interest, and never for the interest of the said Somali states. If the Somalis don’t help themselves, who else, will help them?
Somalia and Somaliland looked for other countries for their future and never from among them selves, for them selves! It is time to summon the Somali brain, which has been sleep for a long time

Somalia claims they are recognized by the international community but Somaliland is not! Is that some thing to blow your own horn of? In reality the so, called Somalia government is neither elected nor protected by its people nor do they administer their county! They rule only the street they live which is protected by foreign solders from a number of African countries! Their people are constantly on the move from one place to other! They are  refugees in their own country internally displaced! They are refugees abroad and every wh ere! And not only that, they are killed from all sides-those protecting the foreign nominated president and those who are challenging that guy! As the unfortunate people are on the move they are spread all over the neighbouring countries Somaliland included! Is that a recognition some one to (Somalia) brag about?!

Somaliland is not recognized by the said international communities the way Somalia understands neither does Somaliland claim they are… Somaliland is recognized by her people who elected their leaders and institutions and who protect them, as the government protects the peace and the wellbeing of her people in return.
Somaliland people live in an unprecedented peace and relative prosperity.
Somalia people sought refuge there in Somaliland and the sister welcomed them.
They live there as I am writing this piece. No need to mention that the peace, stability and democracy prevailing there in Somaliland are unparallel to any where in the continent of Africa with out bragging of that!

Yes no nation has recognized Somaliland as an independent sovereign country among the nations of the world yet, while many knows and recognizes that Somaliland is far more better than many African countries in terms of peace, human rights, nutrition and democracy and the rule of law!
Lastly neither Somalia nor Somaliland is in any better position as far as the recognition is concerned for the different reasons mentioned above and more. I am calling for both of them to do a favour for their people and recognize each other, help each other, and move on in peace and prosperity with out others telling what is or is not good for them! The two must know what are good for each sister- Somalia and Somaliland. They must recognize that two is better than none and thus recognize each other.

Somalia leaders has sold their soul and the soul of their country to any bidder of any amount with out knowing they became a ready prey for (any) those who live on Somalia as their project!
Why doesn’t Somalia seek Somali solution than looking for imported foreign solutions imposed on them which never fitted?

Somalia in particular is the main recipient of these foreign import ‘merry-go round’ solutions! That is why they fail every time foreigners packaged them for some thing based on the interest of the foreign entities that made the (peace) package. That is the wrong way to go by! They saw that many times! This avenue has to be changed. Somalia ought to learn from her continuous mistakes and self injured nonsensicalness

Somalia has the opportunity to ask her sister Somaliland,” How did they do it?”
How did they resolve clan differences and established peace and mutual respect among her communities based on equality and justice? How did they establish government institutions? How did they keep the peace? Who did they mature and kept that maturity, and so on and forth?
How did they do conflict resolutions and how did they manage conflicts with out reaching out the guns! How did they forget and forgive? Etc.
The right, practical and pragmatic way to travel in this journey is that the two Somali governments must recognize each other and coexist as two sisterly states with peace and prosperity, and with open borders, Any thing else is loose of time and effort.

One foreign entity may not like this, and another one may not like this either. The Ali Mahdi, Abdulkasim,and Abdillahi Yussuf mindset may not like it, but the Somali people of both sides of the peninsula would like it for their survival, dignity and existence. The alternate is to be in a never-ending circle of shame, destruction and human misery. It is ‘either or’ scenario. No third way here, the author believes.

Somalia and Somaliland and the Somali hood in general have gone missing in the real world! The world is not serious of them and about them, any more except the neighbouring countries and the UNISOM. Both entities fish there! They opened shop there; they promote their projects and agendas in conjunction with the corrupted unconscionable leaders of Somalia. Somali idiots who happened to rule Somalia danced with the ‘Egad’ and UNISOM sphere! They followed the money! They didn’t see the disgrace evolved in that hand out!

Let two Somali states commit series commitments to their people, however in comparison, Somaliland is with no question in a better situation than sisterly Somalia
It is the people of Somaliland that made the difference and not foreign entities!

Somaliland, which was the mother of the union of the two Somali states in 1960, divorced Somalia unceremoniously for obvious well-known reasons. They did that after a long war with the last Somalia government of late Dictator Mr. Siyad Barre who engaged ethnic cleansing schemes there in Somaliland. Unfortunately, but expectedly Somalia did not grasp the reality even when they were the cause of the divorce which was as well voluntary as it was with the ill-fated union of 1960!

Somalia chose to live in her own fantasy because Somalia never had a visionary and a real pragmatic leader. All they had were thugs who followed one after the other!
Here no body owns, no body, but every Somali is the brother of the other and Somalia must come to their sense and better understand that.

Somalia was not and is not a victim of natural disaster beyond any body’s control. She is a victim of her own disaster. She is a victim of an arrogant, ignorant collection of idiots who grabbed power in mysterious unconscionable ways and means. She is a victim of IMD-ignorance of mass destruction, and the absence of reason.
That Para-normal entity that destroyed the Somali Republic first, then Somalia second, is still calling the shots! The so-called leaders who followed falsehood and lived in denial or in an absolute ignorance of the world order led Somalia and the Somali peninsula in extension in disaster from beginning to end.

Unless and until the emptiness in leadership is addressed and until those kind of monsters with ‘Afwainian thinking and mindset are changed Somalia may never change!
Changing remnants of Siyad Barre who are driving Somalia in reverse on a mountain cliff is the right thing to do first and second. Change an idiot and bring another is like changing Ali Mahdi with Abdulkasim with Abdillahi Yussuf,and with Mr. Shareef! We saw the result of that! We have seen that show and it was disastrous! It did not work.

A gutsy, visionary, pragmatic and young fresh mind is what is needed in Somalia. Substituting the wrong man with a wrong man was the game ‘Egad’ countries played all along.
Now is the time Somalia should sit under the tree, themselves alone and no foreigners, and collect the pieces of their house (what is left of it) and put them in order. They must try the Somali way with out the interference of the Egad group. Somalia may call her sister Somaliland from time to time for help. They have to stop chasing the handout, the mean allowance foreigners give them during conferences abroad!

It is said that ‘if you are in a hole don’t dig even deeper’ Somalia must come out of that hole she dug her self, breath fresh air and see the world and how the world works with out ‘Egad’ countries and with out traveling to foreign countries for help or for allowance!

No need to spread Somalia’s problems over to the region. That is what Somalia is doing now! Change the mindset that destroyed Somali Republic first, Somaliland second, and then Somalia third!
Avoid to mess-up with peaceful sister Somaliland! .Recognize their achievement and ask how did they do it learn from them and ask them to help you, instead of engaging subversive activities against them!

Somalia must change the “empty-headed-milk- the cow- for self-at-any-cost-by-any-means-type of ‘idiotic’ thinking!

Instead of looking West and South of Somalia why didn’t Somalia look North-Somaliland? Somalia, please unchain your mind, undress the Military fatigue, dress up the cloth of logic and rationale! Throw away the pullets and instead seek bread for your people! But before that, open your mind for peace.
Somaliland people are there to help should help is asked by sister Somalia. They are brothers and sisters after all. But don’t forget- No body owns-no body!
Somalians must wash their head from that nonsense, that they own Somaliland, and they must come to their sense! They have to recognize each other, than Somaliland must help Somalia solve her problems. Two are better than none! In the world of pragmatism!

What harm would Somaliland bring to Somalia when Somaliland is a sister, stable, peaceful and productive neighbour? I think there is no harm in that! In fact Somaliland will be an asset and a great help should Somalia want to tap that resources! Somaliland hosted Somalia’s refugee with out any prejudice. They leave among their brothers and sisters, sharing with them what ever they have!

Somaliland claimed that she divorced Somalia by virtue of being the mother of the failed union after the horrible experience she lived with Somalia, but she never claimed that she owned Somalia. Somalia unlike her sister claimed that she owned Somaliland! Somalia better not do that! She better does as Somaliland did then, and then move on! Other than that, Somalia will remain in circle until she dies in circle and foreign group and other scavengers will laugh all the way to the kill which is no other than Somalia herself!

It will be the interest of every state in the area, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Kenya, and even beyond, if the two sisters come to their sense and recognize each other. The countries in the region will not any more demonize them, and laugh at them if and when that happens!
Let the two Somali states respect each other, recognize each other, and then work together hand in hand with the neighbours, in peace and prosperity.
Let the peninsula once again get back her laughter! They longed that very much! All is happening now is killing, weeping and dying!

The author is calling the conscience of the Somali people in Somalia to wake up and change course. May Allah help us all, knowing that Allah may not do that unless we do ourselves what we are supposed to do! And that is why Allah bestowed people mind to think and differed them from animals!
Two sisterly Somali states which exist, function and feed their people in peace are better than none! Two are better than none that is for sure!

How ever peace and prayers

The End





Ibrahim Mead