The land of the lost !


Ibrahim Mead , Political analyst
Ottawa , Canada


The remnants ruling Somaliland and Al shabaab are the same coin but different faces!

Both of them grow and thrive in places where sanity is absent and the situation seems ripe for both entities in their respective countries. This danger in Somaliland and Somalia must be understood as such and be confronted and defeated! The sooner it is grasped right, the better!

There is a void in Somaliland, and that is sanity!
Somaliland is crying for some one or ones to return her to sanity!
The opposition failed in that front thus far, however they could do it if strived for and change failed tactics and strategies and the human element involved in this failed effort!

In the 60s Somaliland was taken to the oblivion, to Somalia and got lost there!
Now when the Mujahedeen found her after 30years plus, then the people of Somaliland themselves got lost! They were induced a heavy dose of anesthesia given (injection) by the remnants that found her abandoned! Now they are in a state of unconsciousness!

The only way to awaken the people is to revive and recuperate them. The remnants who did this to the people must be fired and call into account of this inhuman activity after conscience returns!
These activities committed by the remnants, were / are lies, clan manipulations, conflict creating and robbery of the nations revenue to bribe some and punish some as to divide them and pocket the rest of it for personal use!

Only a united front for the salvation of the Mother is the way to bring change and change will return the Mother to sanity! And in sanity the remnants will disappear and disperse, and the country would be saved that way. Perhaps! The region will be spared from instability and wars!

The evil forces, which SNM defeated during liberation, have retaken Somaliland! They are the remnants of the genocidal regime of Siyad Barre!
They slipped in during the “forget and forgive euphoria and the amnesty extended to the communities which sided with the genocidal scheme of the Barre regime!”

They are agents of de-stabilization and destruction!
They are demons and they are a demolition force!
Destruction is the only thing they know well. What else Riyaale, Ina Sulub, Awil and Ero know? That is what they have learned from Siyad Barre and that is what their intellect and scope of thinking is limited to! That is what they know better!

One must either lead, otherwise follow, or must get out of the way. This is what the logic dictates. The opposition did not follow any of the three venues!
Riyaale flowed the first one, even though he doesn’t know not only how to lead but what leadership is, after all!

Those who founded (the 2nd Republic) Somaliland were denied to come to the 18th may-1991 ceremony at LIBERTY PARK (berta xuriyada) in Hargeisa! The Mujahedeen triumphantly declared independent Somaliland from Somalia at that time. That has been done with magnanimity and humility. Forgiveness and cooperation started. No looking back! No retribution, however Somaliland has fallen on the wrong hands thereafter!

Guess who denied the Mujahedden to take their deserved seat in that place for that occasion? The remnants of Siyad Barre! They are the ones who found (not founded) Somaliland unattended, left alone and abandoned by the very ones denied to be seated in the front raw where they belong! They end up as a backboneless whining opposition!

That day may 18th was also Remembrance Day of the achievements of a long struggle which SNM paid blood and treasure. It was also a remembrance of the victory of the SNM Mujahedeen over the genocidal military establishment of Siyad Barre in which Riyaale the illegitimate so called president was an NSS chief, his interior minister was a “hangash” chief and Awil, Riyaale’s brain was the worst of the worst!

That gang denied the mujahedeen to have their place in that occasion! However no remembrance for the martyrs, the Mujahedeen and those who did their bit at the time.

Some people wondered why Riyaale read an unrelated out of topic hand written speech with no substance, full of lies, and had no connection with the occasion of May 18th!
In fairness to him what would an ex-NSS agent who in a strange twist of fate became president for the very people he fought against them when he even did not convert, say?
What would the guy, who happened to be in the wrong place, for the wrong occasion, say? What would he say? Would he tell the truth once and for all and say, “ I have a blood in my hands. I looted the country to the finish. I and Awil and Ina Sulub are creating a civil war and the operation is on process and in progress!”

Instead Riyaale talked about Al shabaab fighting in Somalia. He rightly called them “AAFO” a menace to the region! The author agrees him for the first time in this! Indeed they are! What Riyaale forgot to say was that, he and his gang are also “ AAFO- QARAN” a menace to the peninsula!

Riyaale the illegitimate president, his brain Mr. Awil and flock, ruling Somaliland up side down and Al Shabaab of Somalia have distinct and destructive similarity!

Both the groups boost a danger not only to their respective countries, Somalia and Somaliland, but to the whole region as well, each one in their own unique ways, means and methods!

Both the remnants of Somaliland and A Shabaab of Somalia committed a gross violation of human rights!
Both of them disregard the process of democracy! In fact democracy it self!

Both of them have dictatorial tendencies. They are the wrong flock to be around in the first and second place!

They are a real problem Somalia and Somaliland have to tackle.
The region and the international community must understand or help them to understand the gravity of the problem the Siyad Barre remnants everywhere and Al Shabaab boost to the area.

Remnants in Somaliland are busy a) looting the country to the deck! b) They are also busy creating civil war in a calm and calculated way!
Al Shabaab on the other hand is doing their evil undertaking violently.

Somaliland was founded on the bases of: Reflection and not Retribution, Forgiveness and not revenge. Conflict resolution and not conflict creating, Compromise, consensus and common ground.
The remnants running Somaliland wrongly turned the above virtues and principles upside down! Corruption is beyond bound! They brought shame and disgrace to Somaliland as they and their mentor Siyad Barre did to what once was-Somali Republic.

Saving Somaliland is saving the region from another Somalia, a sure disaster!

Remnants are fanning a fire that could consume the region
Peaceful Somaliland my end up violent like Somalia!
Somaliland my end up Al Shabaab territory if the local and the international community fail to check and ultimately defeat the remnants in Somaliland

Somaliland is stranded with a lapse of judgment in a moment emotions overflowed when Siyad Barre was defeated by the popular SNM!

Somaliland sovereignty and existence cannot be traded away as the remnants want to!

Lastly the local and the international community must work together to save Somaliland from the remnants who are a different other side of the same coin with Al Shabaab of Somalia!
Both are demons of destruction, which we have to confront and defeat!


However, peace

Ibrahim Mead