Somaliland mourns the loss of Donald Payne




Somaliland has lost a dear friend, with the passing of Donald Payne from the great state of N ew Jersey. Donald Payne’s unending diplomatic support and solidarity with the Somaliland pe ople transcended many things will never be forgotten. Donald M. Payne has been a well-respe cted congressman and a highly admired individual. He proudly served his constituency for 12 terms in the House of Representatives.

He has been involved in the betterment of all Americans in every facet of their lives be it in education, health, housing or labor. Donald Payne he was a teacher in his early years and when he later served on the education and labor committee, he did not disappoint, and he selflessly and tirelessly pursued to make higher education affordable for the masses by a way of attainable student loans. Donald Payne simple put was a champion of the middleclass in America.

Internationally Donald Payne was as affective in his illustrious career, he has been a member of the house foreign relations committee and Africa and global health subcommittee. Donald Payne cofounded the congressional black caucus that was instrumental in creating the global awareness of the heinous Apartheid system in South African. With his determination America n businesses began to divest in South Africa and the US congress later the passed the Compr ehensive Anti-Apartheid Act.

We the Somaliland community at large do not only mourn the death of Donald Payne but also celebrate his remarkable and fulfilled live.



Geleh Gulaid