Hon. Jim Karygiannis Meets With Somaliland Youth
Alliance of North America


Toronto (TNN)-Robleh Maxamud Aideed (Lafcanbe) and Kulmiye Adam ‘Mardaadi’ of SYANA met with the Honourab le Jim Karrygiannis – MP of Scarborough-Agincourt on Friday July 29th, 2011. The aim of the meeting was to introduce SYANA to Rt. Hon. Jim Karygiannias.

Many of the constituents whom Mr. Karygiannias represents in the parliament are of Somali decent, as such we be lieve it is important that the representatives of those constitutents are familiar with our work. Mr.Karygiannis is particularly a friend of Somaliland, was already familiar of Somaliland and its quest for international recognition. He acknowledged his support for the organization and felt that not only was it the right timing for Somaliland but it was much needed for North America.

 Mr.Karygiannias also provided advice for SYANA and pledged to keep up with the organization and work with SYA NA in the future. He encouraged Robleh and Kulmiye to continue educating people about Somaliland and spread awareness. SYANA will continue to keep in contact with Mr. Karygiannis and will with periodical meetings like this one. Robleh and fellow members of SYANA intend to meet with more politicians and community leaders and organiz ations in the coming mo nths. You can visit SYANA’s links at www.somalilandyouth.com , www.facebook.com /somalilandyouth and www.twitter.com/somalilandyouth.com

Jim Karygiannis is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Agincourt. He is currently the Liberal Multiculturalism Critic in the House of Commons. Prior to this, He was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development in October 2005, Mr.Karygiannis also served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, with special emphasis on Transport and the Environment in 2003.