Dr.Gabbose, A Day Called Tomorrow, Is Waiting You



Ah, to be a little kid again with skinned knees that is easier to heal than broken heart. In the gol den years of childhood, we used to be ourselves and nobody else. As kids we did things just for fun and to make us laugh. Authenticity was an involuntary impulse in our veins. There were no false notes on our cheeks.

We used to hate rain at night and we did not like goodbyes. With a gentle heart that was tied wi th an easy thread. Honesty with a sincere smile which goes hand in hand with a strong desire fo r beauty and pleasure. A pleasure seeker from sunrise to sunset.

A teen – age era that runs after beautiful dreams, beautiful flowers, and beautiful scenes. Ah, I wish to be young again with that imperial rate of sixty horsepower. No mortgage headache, no monthly utility bills, no burden of responsibility, and with no worries of any sort. Socializing  mys elf with those courteous girls that have great smile, which reflects a glow of happiness. That  sle eping beauty with curly hair and romantic eyes that are dressed up with bushy eye – brows.

Those heavenly bodies of the category ,slim and tall. Those silky long legs and cozy boobs are st ill impressed on my memory. Innocent ,heart to heart talk that respects Somali ethics and moral values. Those royal beauty queens with dimple on their cheeks when they smile, were my love – interest. A romantic dinner decorated with a bunch of flowers and lot of lightening candles on  the table. After supper, then strolling or walking to the beach. Sometimes staying home, watchi ng a movie while courting and cuddling on the coach. But up to now, always my marriage ends up with dragging my feet and a broken heart, due to Mother In Law from hell. In several times, I was trapped in a life – boat by a witch Mother In Law from hell. She always misjudges me by reading an evil on my eyes; and suspecting me on unhealthy marriage. I got heckled in several occasions where my brain went blank; and my cunning wit evaporated. Slapped the door on my face and received dark angry words from Mother - In – Law from hell.

That bad impression of the Mother In Law from hell, left a never lasting bad taste in my mouth. A Mother – In – Law from hell that we have prepared her coffin but always survives all flood  an d fire. Owing to that, up to now, my marital status always ends up with crash and burn. Because my wife is always her mother’s slave. She would hang on her for every word, whenever she  cri ticizes everything about me. My dressing, my diet, and my eating habits, and the way I will raise up my child. Not being allowed to wear even the shirt and the pant that I prefer. Dear reader, If a cow gets out of the pen, and the calf follows. You don’t get mad at the calf. You put the cow back in the pen. The Mother - In - Law from hell is the butt of all jokes and comedies of all over Africa. She is always the cause of all doom and gloom of broken families and all divorces. Spreadi ng enmity among families and friends. That is a brief spectrum of my social habit – ordeals. But  my psychological dependence is strictly banned, and tightly sealed under the Privacy Of Informa tion Act.

Dr.Gabose, your diplomacy is the art of letting some one else, show you his own way. Slander ex pires at a good man’s door. It is good when you are hunting for the truth; to have your mind  fr ee of false friends. Always pick the path that leads to where you can see further. At least a  fla sh of mother- wit will help you more better than your false perception.

Because your wild mule of reasoning don’t kick according to the rules. You always make a  moun tain out of a molehill. Because you believe that a Monkey in hard times eats red pepper. That is because you adorn and worship your Mother – In – Law from hell. Dr.Gabose If you have many faces. Your brain acts as if your ideas are working it’s way, painfully down a constricted pipe. You have a long way to go. To shake the dust of Injustices and despair off our shoes and our  lip s. In Somaliland there is always a reason to think overtime. A drowning man does not need a  mi rror. He needs a hand, a way out, and a swimming lessons. Econometric is the art of drawing a crooked line from unproven assumption. A census taker is a person who goes from one house to another to increase the population. The spinal column is a long bunch of bones . The head sits on the top and you sit on the bottom. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to say NO to the crook. Because those who wish to appear wise among fools, among the wise seem  foo lish. It is possible to fail in many ways, while to succeed is possible only in one way. Dr.Gabose, y ou are an enigmatic machivellian leader who can’t be trusted due to your perplex approach. Your recent strong vested interest in the Global market of the Industry of pornography and the strip-tease, have raised our eyes brows.

According to your perception of democracy. You will transform and turn Hargeisa to resemble M ogadishu of 1961. By introducing pornography and erotic sexual behavior in the capital Hargeisa and other towns of Somaliland. The Show – Girls and strip – bars will be built next akin to Sheikh AbdulQadir Mosque, and the Liquor stores will be erected next to Malin Jama School. Promising to hold in the near future , a beauty – contest in all towns of Somaliland. For the purpose of attr acting more profitable market for his Brother – In – Law, his honor ,the uncircumcised Sheikh Ab diraheam. Besides that, he has the intention of instructing the Ministry of Education to enforce our School – Girls to attend classrooms while they are half naked. For the purpose of irritating more the public as well as the masses and the religious cleric – men. But according to his fascist – mafia cultured from Sicily, he is aiming to mystify and fascinate our School teachers; and to ac commodate an atmosphere of relief and relaxation in the classrooms.

Moreover, to lure and blackmail more, our poor Somaliland girls who are defenseless by the law and paralyzed by poverty. Turning on a very painful page of a dark history which may be open ed now and then, in our modern history. Dr.Gabose viewed law and morality with the  profound est contempt. Heightened the shock of contrast in his press release in the BBC Radio, Somali  Br oadcasting. Deeply left a dark mark in our hearts and souls for many reasons.

He left in the social circles of Somalilanders a nerve never to be filled up for recovery. Dr.Gabose, you can wrestle with the wild animals, you can debate with the lettered men, you ca n slip the law through the loop – holes and by turning a blind eye. But you can’t escape from the Good God in the sky. A day called tomorrow, is waiting you. How many times I quoted in my pre vious writing that you are an alien with an alien culture. Traced your twist and turns of caustic judgment, and I have given your true congenial image since your birthday.

Offering a comprehensive synthesis of your true image and identity. But everybody gave me a deaf ears. Those nuts that shaped you in the past, as an Islamic fundamentalist, made a big mist ake. A day called tomorrow, is waiting you.

You are cute when you are angry.






Yusuf Deyr
Email: yusefdeyr@hotmail.com