Charity begins at home



I am speaking to all Somalilanders and more specifically to Tog-Wajaalers. It is time to start thinking about assisting back home and to do something financially and politically as well.

Think about where you were born, grew up and probably were educated. Think about where you used to play sports and hide and seek ( Dhuumaalaysi). What about the man-made lakes you may have sw am in without having to pay a penny such as Hartii Xassan Cawke, tii Suldaanka iyo tii ina Xuseen Koo shin.


Remember the 24/7 hour Murre shop in Togwajale ,which had no doors at all. It was in service round the clock just like ASDA in the UK. I will never forget the emotional remarks of the great football sup porter Mr. Suudi Qase who was always shouting during the game “Wajaale Cago Masaabiir”. Although the slogan was uttered more than 40 years ago it is still in my mind. What about Mr. Dhagawayne’s favorite words of “Shaash miir” and many, many others. Whether you are the in the diaspora commun ity or local, the time has come for you to pay back what you owe our homeland.

Fortunately, a charity called TOG-WAJAALE FOUNDATION (TWF) was established, thanks to Eng. Moham ed Ali Muse , the Founder and the Chairman of the Charity.

There already is a broader regional charity called” GARDO” which has done several development pro jects in the region such as Gabiley Hospital.There is no competition between them and they will be s ailing on the same boat.They have same underlying objectives and a common interest to help the pe ople. The vision and the common denominator is to do something about public institutions like school s, hospitals, clean water and general sanitation in the area.

As you know Tog-wajale has had several names in the past like: Garoon, Laanta Curdinka and Tog-wa jale. Strangely enough, it is nowadays referred to as the Dubai of the Somaliland which indicates that, as a business city, it lies in a very strategic zone. By being a border town it is the access point to a market of 60 million of Ethiopians and others too. So here comes the million dollar question:-when will my people wake up and tighten their belts to make the improvement of the public sector our number one priorities?

Let us, people and power unite, stand behind our charity (TWF) and pay every penny and pound to im prove the future of our people and generations to come.





Jibriil Cali Caqli
March 3,2012